Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This is how the Angel does it! Victoria's Secret Model Alessandra Ambrosio's Diet and Training routine

Alessandra Ambrosio

 Victoria secrets models are known fro their gorgeous long toned legs and tiny waist lines.... These angelic beings are admired world wide and I personally am a huge fan of the brand and all the uber hot models!

This is how Alessandra keeps her heavenly body permanently in shape and ready for the runways...

Workout Routine
Alessandra does yoga throughout the year to make sure her body is permanently in lean shape. Yoga lengthens and leans out the muscles so Alessandra clearly knows what shes doing ;-) She also enjoys Pilate's and bike rides (my kinda girl!)

But pre Victoria Secrets show she has to get her game on...
She does intense training routines with her trainer which consist of squats,lunges and aerobics or Capoeira (Brazilian art form combining elements of martial arts,sports and music). She uses ankle weights for the glute exercises.
Alessandra also focuses on working out her abs and waistline by doing crunches.
Alessandra's Post baby workout consisted of a combo of ballet ,squats,lunges and Capoeira for 2 hours a day!!

Her diet consists of lots of salads and vegetables, she tries to eat light meals, especially in the summer.
But post baby Alessandra's diet had to be well balanced and not very low in calories as she was still breast feeding...her diet consisted of eggs Benedict for breakfast, brown rice,beans and chicken or meat for lunch and Sushi for dinner.

This is definitely keeping me motivated, I hope it will motivate you too.



  1. OMG. It is so incredibly unfair to look like that. I'm sorry.
    Right... yoga and brown rice it is for me :P
    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  2. I quite like her workout plan and diet, doesn't seem too extreme, would be a great motivation to get paid to stay in shape though!


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