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Mauritian Holiday wellness diary day 2

I woke up from such a rejuvenating and peaceful sleep. I don't know what it is about hotel rooms but I always sleep so incredibly well even though it is not my own bed!

My first morning of bliss started off with opening my hotel room curtains to the most amazing view and the sound of pure nature.....I wish I could have this view every morning.

I had a fresh cup of amazing coffee ( I have to try find this brand in SA) on this patio and then hit the beach for my morning walk!

I love to start my day with long walks to kick start my metabolism and nothing beats a long walk on a beautiful beach.

I then met up with Bailey for breakfast, with it being so hot and humid it makes it easy to select a healthy breakfast. I chose from a wide selection of fresh fruit and yoghurt.

The rest of the day consisted of the perfect soul food. A Spa treatment at the Long beach Sea Spa ;-)
Bailey and were both treated to a 45 minute back and neck massage.

We were, yet again, welcomed so warmly  by the Mauritians as we entered the Spa. I just love the sent of aromatherapy oils when I walk into a spa, it automatically takes you into relaxation mode. Bailey and I were taken into the treatment room where our gowns were ready for us. The gentle tranquil background music set the tone for what promised to be an amazing body treatment.

I have been to a few Spa's for various treatments and I often find that I can sense when a treatment is about to end....I so love the pampering and in my mind I'm screaming "please don't stop". But this time when the thought of the treatment coming to an end popped into mind I was pleasantly surprised that it was not ending at all!! To my pure joy the therapist was about to start on the left side of my body ;-)) Pure bliss. I actually fell asleep (which I rarely do) and had one of the best back massages ever that felt like it lasted for much longer then 45 minutes.

 After your treatment you can go relax on a day bed in what feels the middle of a tropical forest.

Bailey and I were offered a tea (which we both are obsessed with ) and we enjoyed it on the beautiful veranda.

 I love fresh look of my skin after pampering! Thank you the the lovely ladies at Sea Spa ;-).

Now what is a beach get away without a cocktail?? I don't drink a lot of alcohol, I just don't enjoy it much but I do still like to have a cocktail! I opted for a virgin cocktail and Bailey and I enjoyed our cocktail at the lounge bar area. We chatted and enjoyed the beautiful sea view ;-)

For reservations or further information please call World Leisure Holidays on 0860 954 954 or email or log onto their website 

Please note all the photography is are taken by either Bailey Schneider or myself and is copyrighted. If you would like to use any photographs please contact me first. Thank you.



My Mauritian Holiday Wellness Diary part 1

It is a known fact that everyone needs to recharge their "batteries" at some point, and what better way to do that then to go to the gorgeous Island Mauritius!!

I have been saying for months now that all I want is to do is go to a beautiful island for a beach holiday...The heavens heard my plea and low and behold I ended up flying to paradise...MAURITIUS! AND With my BBF Bailey Schneider!!

I love to keep healthy and fit, but it's all about balance and there is no better way to recharge then to go on a girlie holiday with your BFF ;-) I left my hubby at home to "man the fortress" while I go nourish my soul.

Bailey and I flew via Air Mauritius.

We has such a great flight that I caught my BFF having a little snooze! Haha BUSTED!

Many people have asked my how I can still eat healthy and stay in shape especially when going on a holiday, well in this travel diary I will show you just how I do it ;-)
When you book your flight tickets theres usually an option of what type of food you would like for example vegetarians can indicate they want a vegetarian meal. While I do mostly eat fish and chicken I am not a vegetarian so I always choose the low calorie meal option, this way I don't end up cheating because the option was not present to begin with!

I am a proud South African and live in sunny Johannesburg, so the flight to Mauritius was a mere 4 hours long!! It would be a crime to not got to Mauritius if you live as close to Mauritius as I do!

Once we had landed we were welcomed by the sweet touch of humidity and the inviting smile of a lovely lady from Summer Times who was holding up a sign with our names on it. She led us to our hotel transfer and we drove for an hour to the Long Beach Resort. I could not wait to arrive at Long Beach, the pictures that I had seen of it looked unreal and I could not wait to see if it truly existed for myself!

Our driver was such a lovely man who was warm and kind and VERY informed about Mauritius. He was the perfect travel guide, informing us about Mauritius as we drove to the hotel.
I definitely recommend Summer Times you can contact them on Tel: +(230) 4271111 or email:

When we arrived at Long Beach resort I literally had to lift my jaw off the ground because this place is BREATH TAKING!!!! The pictures I saw did not fact they only capture a hint of  Long Beach Resort. What adds to it's magnificent appeal are the warm and humble staff. The Mauritians OOZE humility, warmth and friendliness...and this far surpasses a mere job description. You can just tell it comes from the heart....something we could all learn from ;-)

At this stage Bailey and I were starving and if you know me you'll know that if I skip a meal and get hungry I pretty much switch off and start barking! LOL! My friends should have cubes of cheese in their hand bag just in case :-))

We went for a buffet dinner to one of the many lovely restaurants Long Beach Resorts offer.

I finally tried Dragon fruit! I had this for dessert, this fruit is amazing! The best way I can describe it is that it tastes like it has poppy seeds in it.

After dinner we were escorted to what we thought would be OUR room, sharing, and instead we had a wonderful surprise of having our very own rooms!! A whole 64 meter square room! Really?! Unreal! I literally want to take this room and move it across to South Africa as an apartment or guest house on our property!

Seriously the BEST coffee I have had in a while!

The patio on its own is huge, on the one side you have an outdoor couch area and on the other you have a little coffee table.

For the rest of that first evening Bailey and I sat in our pajamas drinking tea and chatting.
I'm very blessed to have her as my soul sister and to have experienced paradise together.

For reservations or further information please call World Leisure Holidays on 0860 954 954 or email or log onto their website 

Please note all the photography is are taken by either Bailey Schneider or myself and is copyrighted. If you would like to use any photographs please contact me first. Thank you.


PS come back for the next days diary post ;-)

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