Thursday, October 18, 2012

Some inspiration

I thought I'd share some inspiring pics with you.... We all need a motivational reminder of what we aspire our bodies to get to.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Healthy meal

We all know what it's like to run out of ideas when it comes to preparing a healthy meal. How much grilled chicken can one eat right?!?!

We'll I had another one my unplanned creative sessions in my kitchen and I have to share it with you 😀

Here's the quick am easy recipe:
1x browned chicken breast
Portion of brown rice and lentils boiled together (add some chicken stock to add flavour)
Salad leaves dressed with a touch of cottage cheese
And mustard sauce! The secret to this low calorie fat free sauce is its fat free yoghurt mixed with some mustard.

There you have it! An easily prepares meal that's tasty and low fat!


Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Sunday with a twist! ;-)

I thought I would share my new healthy dessert/snack idea with you :-)

Everyone loves a good old treat!

Well here is what I call a Sunday with a Twist.


Here's the recipe:

Fat free plain yoghurt
Organic peanut butter

Get a nice looking glass ( its all about the presentation ) and layer the ingredients to get the Sunday effect!

I started off with some muesli, then yoghurt, honey, muesli, peanut butter and topped it off with honey to give it that golden glaze!!

There you have it a beautifully presented Sunday with a twist- guilt free and oh so delicious.



Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I unfortunately had a cycling accident this past weekend. You always think it wont happen to you...until it does!

I am lucky enough to have gotten away with a deep gush in my elbow, ankle and a severely scraped and bruised hip...all accompanied with a couple of scrapes and bruises. My shoulder took the hardest blow and is twice its normal size but no broken bones- Thank GOD!
My bike is also a bit scraped and brusied ;-(

All I can say is Thank GOD I had a decent helmet!

This experience has re-confirmed one thing for me and that is that you can't take short cuts and choose the cheaper options when it comes to safety.Im glad I had a top quality helmet.
My hemet cracked from the impact and absorbed most of the blow that would have gone straight to my head. I do still have a head ache now and then and the side of my head feels a bit bruised but I dont have memory loss and a severe concussion and I did go to the hospital to get myself checked out.

TLC time.... I cant train now, I know my body needs time to rest and heal from the trauma but I do feel like I am cheating by sitting around all day.

94.7 Cycle challenge is in basically 1 month...this will be my second one and I am very excited to do it again. Here's hoping to a speedy recovery so I can get back on that bike again! :-)

My new helmet..I chose the one on the right :-)

Starting to heal slowly...and getting some "color" LOL..You don't want to see the rest, Ive shown you enough gore ;p


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