Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I unfortunately had a cycling accident this past weekend. You always think it wont happen to you...until it does!

I am lucky enough to have gotten away with a deep gush in my elbow, ankle and a severely scraped and bruised hip...all accompanied with a couple of scrapes and bruises. My shoulder took the hardest blow and is twice its normal size but no broken bones- Thank GOD!
My bike is also a bit scraped and brusied ;-(

All I can say is Thank GOD I had a decent helmet!

This experience has re-confirmed one thing for me and that is that you can't take short cuts and choose the cheaper options when it comes to safety.Im glad I had a top quality helmet.
My hemet cracked from the impact and absorbed most of the blow that would have gone straight to my head. I do still have a head ache now and then and the side of my head feels a bit bruised but I dont have memory loss and a severe concussion and I did go to the hospital to get myself checked out.

TLC time.... I cant train now, I know my body needs time to rest and heal from the trauma but I do feel like I am cheating by sitting around all day.

94.7 Cycle challenge is in basically 1 month...this will be my second one and I am very excited to do it again. Here's hoping to a speedy recovery so I can get back on that bike again! :-)

My new helmet..I chose the one on the right :-)

Starting to heal slowly...and getting some "color" LOL..You don't want to see the rest, Ive shown you enough gore ;p



  1. Ouch shame hun! Hope everything heals super fast :)

  2. Shaw musta been a hard fall to crack the helmet, lucky lucky!!! my cousin is brain damaged from not having a helmet on :)

    The wounds look okay, should be fine soon :) hopefully no internal injuries those suck, ie damaged knee tissue etc.

    Wow your tummy so nice n tight in the last pic. How old are you? Read on Baileys blog you recently had a birthday, happy belated for that :)


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