Monday, November 14, 2011


I roughed it in the mountain bike challenge this past Saturday morning!
My hubby and I signed up for both the Momentum 94.7 Cycle challenge as well as the mountain bike challenge.
We only signed up for the 25km ride...too see how it is ;-) We felt brave a decided to cycle from our house to the Waterfall Estate, where the actual race challenges took place, and then cycled back home after....all of this cycling was OFF ROAD!! 46km's to be exact! 

We did it and got out medals to prove it ;-) A very cool feeling I might add...when you receive your medal... :-) It's my first medal I have ever received for a sports challenge, except for the medals from my dancing days but that's a separate type of sport.

I had so much FUN!

Here I am before The Cycle Challenge..

Here I am after the Cycle challenge

My Husband the "Kid" after the challenge ;-)

Microdermabrasion anyone?? Try some sand blasting whilst Mountain biking! Haha

We did it as team! What great fun!

I thought I'd give some tips on Cycling etiquette... from my experience this past Saturday.

               Keep LEFT. Pass RIGHT... this will avoid any collisions of other cyclist flying down a hill and bashing into you! And let me tell you we were FLYING down some of those!
               If you need to stop for a water break...or any break for that matter, get off the trail and stay as far left as possible, again it will save you and others from any collisions.
               If you're feeling like a pro and want to pass all the slower cyclists, just give them a heads up that you're coming up behind them and say which side you'll be passing them on, "coming through and passing you on your right" it just puts that cyclist at ease and they know which side to go to as well as avoids them from bashing into you incase they decide to swerve to the right! 

This coming Sunday is the BIG day.... Momentum 94.7 Cycle challenge where we'll be cycling 94.7km! Wish me luck and if you're doing it too I'll see you on the track!

Our Team is Cycling to create awareness and funds for our Local Midrand SPCA. If you're not Midrand based and find that its too far for you, we encourage you to support your local SPCA, they truly are like angels for all the abandoned and mistreated animals and I personally want to help them as much as possible.

Much Love



  1. Dirty things! I LOVE IT!!
    You look awesome!!
    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  2. Well done my friend! Proud of you!!
    ps. You still got the best legs in town! :) xoxox


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