Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge

I'm proud to say we did it! My husband and I along with some friends created Team Midrand SPCA and we  cycled for all the furry kids out there.

Because it was our first time doing the 94.7 Cycle challenge our goal was not time based but simply to finish before the cut off time!

We trained on average 3-4 times a week in total. We would go on off road bike trails on the weekends and during the week we cycled on road tracks like Kyalami Race track. It's a totally different experience cycling off road or mountain biking to road cycling.
With our weekly training and higher protein lower carb diet I lost weight and my fitness level has shot up beyond my expectations!

Doing the actual 94.7 Cycle challenge....on mountain bikes, I might add ,was such a pleasant surprise!
Firstly 94.7 Highveld Stereo/Primedia and Momentum are incredibly organised. To be able to manage thousands of people to park in the correct area and to get to the start line in their seeded groups on time is an enormous task on its own not to mention all the other elements of the event. Not only was it well organised but the vibe was incredible!
People cheering, music pumping and MC's informing and motivating cyclists.

Out team Midrand SPCA was at the start line, the 5 second count down started and off we went!
It's such an unbelievable feeling cycling down the M1 highway with no cars in sight....all 3 lanes are for you to spin as fast as you can. We cycled into town.... the vibe was amazing, people cheering us on "go girl you can do it" "on a mountain bike ...respect" Haha we had to laugh!

The motivation was amazing, the water points were full of smiling faces offering you fresh cold water and other refreshments, the latest top chart music playing in the background giving you momentum as you cycle on.
Thank you to all the people that took time out of their day to stand on the sides of the roads to cheer us on and offer us snacks and refreshments! You ROCK!

3/4 of the way into the cycle challenge and we were fine, no sore muscles, not tired....we surprisingly felt super strong! Until we hit the N14 highway..... let me tell you after you've cycled over 75km's that's when you start to feel it.
Thank God I prepared my Evox Cyto Crank which I was sipping on though out the entire race because it really gave me sustained energy.
We got to the 10km's left mark, the crowds cheering us on, the sweat dripping and we carried on pushing up that last hill.
Approaching the finish line the vibe was electric, smiling faces cheering us on and photographers snapping photo's of all the cyclists coming in about to finish. My husband and I rode through the Finish line together and received our medals.
 It felt AMAZING!!! 4h30minutes to cycle 100 kilometers on a mountain bike!!! WE actually did it!

This is one event I will definitely be a part of every year!! I loved every minute of it, the route is fantastic...I will never look at some of our roads in Johannesburg the same way again.....I drive on them daily...that's normal but I ACTUALLY CYCLED ON THEM!100 Kilometers of them!  ;-)
Thank you 94.7 Highveld stereo/ Primedia and Momentum to a superb event!
Thank you to our team for cycling at the event to create awareness to support our local SPCA- Midrand SPCA and Thank you to Evox products for giving me the extra edge! From Carbo loading, endurance & energy enhancing products to recovery shakes.

Till the next race... there will be lots to come. I'm hooked! ;-)

Happiness that we completed the race in such a good time and still standing!

If you're thinking about doing the cycle challenge next year I say DO IT! Just make sure you start cycling regularily a few months before,you don't need to be obsessive just get your heart fit,  have good quality supplements and it will be an enjoyable and amazing expereince! ;-)


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  1. I am so proud of you!! WELL DONE!!
    I'm going to train with you and join you on the next one! BFFs to complete it -YES PLEASE :)
    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde


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