Thursday, November 10, 2011

Need to look like you've lost 5 Kilo's for an event? Here's how!

We all have experienced it, an event that creeps up on you before your training goal date has been reached!
Yes you're working out and yes you're following a healthy eating plan but you need to look thinner in just a few days! An events come up and its impossible to reach your goal weight in 3 days! What do you do? You turn to FASHION!! Yup you heard right.... its all about the correct fashion choice too.

Even the skinniest person can look unflattering if they choose the wrong thing to wear.

I recently was Invited as a Celebrity guest to participate in a good cause for Charity...The Peermont Emperors Palace Charity Mile. It was a great honour to have been asked and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.
What I wore is a good example of how to look thinner by fashion choice ;-)

Don't go for tight, hip hugging dresses....they only accentuate the hips.... more so then your waist.

I opted for a A line dress, hugging around the waist and flowing over the hips. perfect to accentuate a tiny waste, minimize hips and make your legs look thinner and longer.
And remember Black always makes you look slimmer.....
I used a leather wrap around belt to go even tighter around my waist to make sure it figure hugging. Because I was wearing all black I accessorised with a chunky bling bracelet and diamante chandelier earrings.
When it comes to shoes, they can make or break an outfit. I'm hair and shoes kinda gal ;-) I often choose my outfits based on what shoes I want to wear! :-) I know but I love it!

So for this particular look I really wanted to wear my funky leather high heels.  This Shoe choice doesn't elongate the leg, in fact it actually may make legs appear shorter. I just HAD TO WEAR THEM!!! Are they not just gorgeous! ;-))))))
PS. Shoes from Oreb Eastgate...Shhhhhh :-)

The best Shoe choice for this outfit in order to be the most slimming and to make your legs look longer would be a stunning black stiletto. No straps around the ankle to cut the visual flow of the leg. That's the trick, if you're wearing a dress or skirt above the knee and want your legs to look longer opt for shoes that don't have any straps around the ankle.
(It does all depend on body type, if you have small calves and narrow ankles a strap around the ankle might even look better ...So just be aware of that and choose the best option for you.)

The Stiletto....

There you have of the ways to look 5 kilo's lighter for an event ;-)

Have a Wonderful weekend!

Much Love


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  1. Love the outfit! Gorgeous!!
    Thanks for the tips!
    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde


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