Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Supplement of the week- Lecithin

Supplement of the week: Lecithin

Why Lecithin?
Lecithin consists mostly of  the B Vitamin Choline, and contains Linoleic acid and inositol. Lecithin enables Fats such as cholesterol and other lipids to be dispersed in water and removed from the body. The vital organs and arteries are therefore protected from fatty buildup. Taking a 1200mg capsule of Lecithin before each meal helps in digestion of fats and the absorption of fat soluble vitamins!

In other words..... Lecithin flushes out all the bad fats from the body! Reduces fat storage and buildup around the arteries and organs and if you take it before meals it helps with the absorption of fats in your meal! LOOOOVE IT!!! 
Now this doesn't mean go eat a double cheese burger!! 
Eat healthy, low in fat meals, combined with Lecithin and some training and you have a recipe for success!

Sources of Lecithin: grains, legumes,fish and wheat germ.

Reference: Phyllis A.Balch (2006). Prescription for Nutritional Healing Fourth edition. New York. Penguin Group USA

Go get some at your nearest pharmacy.



  1. There are just SO MANY tablets/vitamins to take. I feel like if you shook me, I'd rattle!
    What are the essentials?

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment babe! Hope you been well!

    I need to get me some Lecithin :)


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