Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Bicycle inspired Diet

You may think I'm crazy.... well, I'm definitely not ordinary ;-). But in the early hours of the morning before we go for a cycle I think of and often sing Queen's song Bicycle Race... "I want to Ride my bicycle...I want to ride my bike..."... I know right??!!

With riding bicycles in mind and me preparing for the Momentum 94.7 cycle challenge I've changed my diet...and a lot of it came naturally.

I'm eating more lean protein such as grilled fish and chicken, fresh fruit and vegetables or steamed veg and I'm trying to eat very little bad carbohydrates/ Simple Carbs. I was always a sucker for croissants or any other pastries for that matter.But I've conquered it!
The one thing with being so active... cycling so often, is that I am permanently body burns so many more calorie's and therefore it needs more calories....the trick is to make sure you're feeding the body the correct food. Otherwise all that hard work of training ends up going down the drain.

The bonus is the healthier your body gets from training and eating right the less unhealthy foods and drinks your body will crave. YAY!!!! And its true! I seldom have those, " I NEED A CHOCOLATE BROWNIE NOW" moments..I genuinely crave healthy meals! Of course I do allow myself a treat here and there, I just opt for dark chocolate instead...and it does taste just as good! ;-) 

I now don't drink any alcohol, it's a personal choice and I genuinely don't crave even a sip of wine. If at some point I will feel like having a glass of wine I will, but for now I'm enjoying the detox and I also think it will benefit my training towards the cycle challenge in the long run. 

 But being hungry so frequently makes it tricky when it comes to quick, healthy and handy snacks. 
So in order to help me Ive started taking some supplements. The number one supplement is Whey Protein which if you've been reading some of my previous posts you'll notice it's THE MAIN supplement I love and mention all the time.

In between meals, or for snacks I supplement with Whey protein. I've found that it gives me energy and better recovery rate!
I've recently tried the EVOX RAPID RECOVERY post training and It is definitely helping with speeding up my recovery rate.

So there you have Cycle diet which is in actual fact  my lifestyle choice ;-)



  1. Thank you... now you have that song stuck in my head! LOL
    Very inspiring. I really need to get whey protein ... and more energy. Just saying!
    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  2. I am trying Evox Whey Protein at the moment, I do jogging and gyming (used to do dancing) but I am looking for a protein mix without bad artificial sweetners like aspartame and the other one that I can't spell or pronounce. Do you happen to have any ideas there? I don't mind if it's got Xylitol though, as that is healthy. Funny, I also find that when I train more I get SO hungry! That's when it's really hard to find healthy snacks and not reach for a chocolate!!!:)))

  3. Hi Lulu!

    Thank you for stopping by my Blog ;-)

    As far as protein shakes go I asked Evox for their response with regards to the ingredients they use to sweeten their Whey Protein shake. They responded that they use a "blend of sweetners and not specifically Aspartame". So thats in the clear. It's difficult to find a 100% pure ingredient brand that offers flavour as well as the best ingredients. Thats why I try to choose products that have the most natural and high concentrate of ingredients. For examle when choosing Whey Protein I make sure I choose a brand that offers pure iso Whey protein and then I look at the rest of the ingredients. I hope this helps.

    To stop reaching for that chocolate I choose Chocolate flavoured shakes :-) And if I'm REALY craving I add some real Cocoa powder into my shake to create a richer chocolate flavour ;-))))

  4. Thanks for the reply! I forgot to say that!:)
    I am really enjoying your blog! I am trying to get into a more structured, serious work out routine, your blog helps!


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