Thursday, November 24, 2011

Kim Kardashian Celebrity diet of the week

Every girl decides to go on a major diet and exercise routine before her wedding day.
Before Kim's wedding she was  on a total body workout, she would often train twice a day. Her mission was to drop 2 dress sizes without losing her famous curves.
Kim's Training Routine
When Kim trains she breaks a sweat 2-3 times a week with bicep curls and lunges. This is great functional training because she's building muscle, increasing her heart rate and therefore burning more calories and body fat as well as toning her muscles. By combining bicep curls and lunges you're also training the core as it has to be engaged in order to give you strength and balance to do the exercise.

According to E! to add to this she also goes to Barry's Boot camp where they do an hour long high-intensity interval training. According to US Weekly Kim would go up to 5 times a week.
Interval training is a great way to tone, burn calories and blast that body fat off!

To get the weight off Kim had to make some diet changes. She said no to the Junk food and yes to Grilled chickens and salad! If Kim orders chicken or a turkey burger it's without the bun. 

Kim Kardashian's Diet is basic. She stays away from junk food and limits herself to roughly 1400-1500 calories a day. Here is a sample of one daily meal routine:

Breakfast: Smoothie made with peanut butter, bananas and protein powder
Lunch: Chicken salad with low fat dressing, iced tea with 5 sachets of Equal sugar sweeteners
Snacks: Sugar cookies, sliced apple with 1 tablespoon chunky peanut butter (its my favourite snack too)
Dinner: A tiny slice of pizza bread, a piece of grilled salmon served with pesto sauce, 1 cup of brown rice and  2 cups broccoli
See! Even Kim Kardiashian has to work out super hard to lose that extra weight and keep lean and trim. Even if her marriage is already over.....*Sigh*

(PS. I just LOVED Kim in the Blonde hair so I had to add the picture in )
Stay motivated! December holidays are around the corner ;-)

Much Love


  1. She and her family are soooo annoying but she really is gorgeous. Will be interesting to see how she ages with all the plastic surgery she's had.


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