Monday, October 31, 2011

The 94.7 Cycle Challenge prep diary

We did it! We cycled just under 70 km's this past Saturday! I'm so proud of us :-)

The route: Midrand to Rosebank, Hydepark, Fourways, Lonehill, Buccleuch, Carlswald and back to Kyalami!
I myself would have never guessed we could do it ...but we did and without any pain I might add ;-)

Okay.....SO I HAD A BIT OF HELP's what I did.

1st thing in the morning before we got ready to go cycle I tried CYTO CRANK from EVOX. It's a Pre and during performance drink. I was only going to use it during our cycle but when I read the pack in detail and saw that it's a PRE AND DURING performance drink...I heard a little HALLELUJAH song in my head! I Quickly mixed 3 scoops each with a glass of water form myself and my hubby. I also pre mixed some in a water bottle and added crushed ice so that half way though our cycle if we need an energy boost we'll have a ready cooled drink ......and we did!
 I must say I am really impressed, not only was the flavour perfect because it was so refreshing (Lemon Lime Zing) but we managed to stay on track and focused during our long ride and I didn't feel my energy levels dropping drastically as I imagined they would. I'll be using CYTO CRANK for the actual 94.7 Cycle challenge FOR SURE!!

When we got home we felt a bit like jelly...not sore or stiff but we could feel all our muscles had gone through a lot of activity..all the blood pumping and slowly lactic acid build up. It was time for recovery....RAPID RECOVERY!
I mixed some  EVOX RAPID RECOVERY into a glass of ice cold water.....Again 3 scoops is all you need and Voila!! Mango Punch was served....That's the flavour I chose by the way ;-) Very refreshing.

Did it work?? I've always wondered myself do all the before and after shakes and supplements work? But as they say ..."the proof is in the pudding" and let me tell you this Mango Punch "pudding" to be exact saved my ..well ..."TOOSH"! Sunday morning I woke up thinking ,"If I move now I'm going to feel seriously stiff!".... And to my surprise... NOPE! ..NADA!.. NOTHING!!! NOTHING I tell you!

We'll at least no muscle pain that is!! Hahaha! We went for a 35km cycle that Sunday morning and the only form of pain, from the previous days 65+ km ride, I felt was from the seat!

There you have it...we're on track for the cycle challenge, but in order to keep fitness and energy levels in check DIET is also important. In my next post I'll go more into detail about my diet.


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  1. Properly impressed. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.
    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde


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