Thursday, October 13, 2011

Guilt Free PANCAKES!


When I made these pancakes for my hubby he didn't believe that it's possible for these to be good for you!
They are packed with protein and low in calories and fat ;-))))

Here's my way of making chocolate strawberry pancakes.

This recipe serves 2:

6 egg whites
2 scoops of chocolate Whey protein shake( you can use vanilla or another flavour if you like)
1/4 cup fat free/skim milk
3/4 cup of blended uncooked oats
1 cup of cut up strawberries
2 table spoons of honey/maple syrup
half a teaspoon of butter ( use real butter not margarine...yes it's fat but your body knows how to burn natural fat better then margarine)


Mix the whey protein and milk into a paste. Add the egg whites into the mixture and finally add the  ground/blended uncooked oats.
Melt the butter on a frying pan and once heated pour pancake mixture onto the pan with a large spoon to make a few small pancakes.

Place pancakes on a plate, garnish with strawberries and pour the honey or maple syrup over....DELISH!




  1. OMG! YUMMY!!! I have to try them! Thanks for sharing!
    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  2. They look good and this recipe is perfect for one of my guilt free treats for summer :)


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