Friday, October 28, 2011

94.7 Cycle Challenge

So as some of you may know my husband and I have signed up for the 94.7 Cycle challenge....let me not forget to mention we've signed up for BOTH the mountain bike race and the actual 94.7 kilometer race. Yes we felt very brave at the time! Now we're cycling our Butts off to make sure we finish both! Haha!

This is going to be my 1st time doing the incredibly popular 94.7 Cycle challenge and I am SO excited!!!
Who would have guessed that I would be the first one up in the morning every Saturday and Sunday to go cycle at 6.30am!?! I wouldn't have either, but let me tell you it is the best feeling in the world.You wake up to the calmness and beauty of the morning...the smell of fresh air and hearing the birds chirping is just magical.

I've always enjoyed being active and training, I have some background knowledge from being a qualified Group Fitness Instructor as well as obtaining a Certificate in Exercise Science. So my passion has always been with health & fitness. But training to cycle 94.7 Kilometers is a whole different ball... um...cycle game!

4 weeks to the main event and I've decided to blog about my training progress.

We started out cycling every weekend about 3-4 months ago... I remember feeling like a hero when we cycled a whole 18 kilometers!! That's far from 94.7km...... so the stronger we got, the more and further we cycled for, and so the passion grew.

These past 2 months I have been cycling at least 4 times per week with one of the days being a longer ride. Going to a spinning class or cycling on a stationery bike is VERY different to cycling on a mountain or road bike!! If you are thinking of doing cycling events/races I'd strongly suggest you train on an actual bike out on the road or use off road facilities.
Don't get me wrong Spinning is great cardio and endurance training,  it is in my opinion one of the best cardio workouts one can do and it melts body fat! But in order to be prepared for an actual bike race you need to feel what it's like to cycle on the roads, to get the feel of and balance of the bike, know your gears and essentially, become one with your bike.

You often hear of people changing their diets in order to prep for a race or sports event, well that starts to happen automatically. In order to have the energy and strength to endure so many hours and kilometers of cycling your body starts to crave more food...but healthier food. If I ate food low in nutrition,had some alcohol and sugar the day before we went cycling. During that cycling session  I felt lethargic, had low levels of energy and really struggled cycling compared to if I ate a healthy meal with lean protein, no sugary desserts and very little or no alcohol ( Thank God I don't have a problem in the alcohol department, I can only manage one drink maximum anyway!)

My diet
I've cleaned up my diet in order to help my body and muscles get healthy and stronger, to be able to complete such frequent and long distance rides.......and of course for the main event. BUT... it's FRIDAY and I wont spoil your Sunday Cheese cake with a diet plan! Enjoy this weekend because on Monday I'll give you the low down on my diet  :-).... PS It's not THAT BAD!

Tomorrow we're doing a 70 km ride! Since its a long ride I'll be trying out some supplements to see if they will help for the actual 94.7 Cycle Challenge. I'm going to try the EVOX RAPID RECOVERY for after the long ride as well as their CYTO CRANK which apparently helps sustain energy levels for endurance and performance training pre and DURING workout. ...the "during" part is what I'm most interested in. I'll pre-mix some with water and hopefully it helps me during my cycle, so lets see ;-)

Here we are, My Husband and I, make sure you come back on Monday I'll Keep you posted regularly on our journey to 94.7 Cycle challenge! Enjoy your weekend ;-)



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