Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yummy Snacks

Here are some of my favourite yummy snacks that I snack on between meals...all under 150 calories ;-)
They also awesome as a guilt free sweet treat!

1 Apple/Pear sliced with organic peanut Butter ( make sure its organic Peanut Butter with no salt or sugar added)

2 x Woolies Organic Brown Rice cakes. You can smear a thin layer of honey or peanut butter over the top if you really craving something sweet, otherwise fat free creamed cheese is always a winner for me.


2x Dark Chocolate coated Brown Rice cakes, the dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and it will sort out that sweet craving in no time! (remember everything in moderation...INCLUDING THE DARK CHOCOLATE)

There's always your faithful Whey protein powder shake.If its getting boring combine it with 125ml fat free Bulgarian Yoghurt and mix it all up in a blender for a flavoured smoothie! If its chocolate flavour you're after go for the chocolate flavoured Whey and you can add a dash of pure cocoa for a richer flavour ;-).
Note: this snack is around 200 calories.

There you have it, Low calorie, guilt free sweet treat snacks ;-))



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