Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Celebrity Diet & Workout Routine- Nicole Scherzinger

This gorgeous lady fascinates me. I think she is incredibly sexy and has a gorgeous body....I recently watched the X Factor where she is one of the judges.

Every time I see her I want to know what she does to stay so trim & lean..... I did some research and here it is...our motivation for this week. MOTIVATION MONDAY! ;-)))

Nicole says she believes in Cardio. Cardio,Cardio! 
Nicole is a lucky girl because her job keeps her active! All the performing and dancing on stage and music videos gives her many hours of cardio and toning workouts.

When she's not performing Nicole does a lot of jogging and running for cardio and has a personal trainer who helps her keep toned and lean. 
For her core she does repeat crunches on an exercise ball. For her lower body Nicole practices her dance routines, runs and does many reps of squats and lunges.

Basically she does A LOT of cardio (we know this melts the body fat right off), stretches out and lenghtens her muscles from dance moves/routines and to keep toned she uses her body weight by doing many reps of lunges and squats. Now for her diet...

Nicole says that to slim down for a shoot she cuts out the following form her diet:
Late night eating
Dairy products and

She tries to eat 3 healthy meals a day and if shes really busy she eats 6 small quick meals during the day.
Nicole likes to Snack on apples and peanut butter(my favourite snack too! )

So there you have it, keep up with the cardio, eat healthy and take up dancing! There's a lot of great dancing DVD's out there that teach you dance moves whilst shaping and toning you at the same time.

Here's some pics of this gorgeous lady.


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