Monday, October 17, 2011


In almost every fitness/ health magazine there is an article and/or  advert about Whey protein. But so many people especially women are unsure of Whey and WHAT the benefits of it are.
So many times I've heard comments like " But I dont want to look big or bulky", I couldnt agree more! No female wants to look masculine and bulky......well at least most of us dont. BUT Whey doesn't do that! Infact it will lean you out and give you that lean and toned look :-)

Here's some info I've gathered up on Whey Protein over the years.

Think of Whey protein as the body's building blocks, they are necessary for our health.
Whey not only repairs muscle cells on a daily basis,therefore assisting in faster recovery form intense training sessions, but also assists in metabolic processes.

This muscle enhancing supplement has many benefits:
  • Whey contains all essential amino acids which the body cannot produce on it's own and can only obtain from high quality proteins such as Whey.
  • These amino acids assit in muscle recovery and building(when I say buliding I mean making them strong and lean not bulky).
  • Whey assists Glutathione production, in other words a detoxification system within the liver.
  • It is essential for the development of and protection of various body tissues and cells.
  • Maintains and Increases Collagen and bone density (FABULOUS!!!).
  • It is essential for looking healthy skin.
  • Whey protein has as a very rapid absorbtion rate!
Let me guess you think you eat enough Protein right? Wrong....

The truth is we should eat a portion of protein with every meal- so thats around 6 portions of protein a day in order for you to receive the required amount of amino acids a day. Now I don't know about you but there is no way I get to each a portion of protein with EVERY meal..... I make my life easier by drinking a Whey protein shake at least once a day but ideally twice a day.

Another bonus is that when digesting protein the body burns more calories, this is a HUGE chunk of information if you're trying to lose body fat! It's all about calories and burning as many calories a day as possible right? Now you can supplement with healthy Whey protein and reap the benefits of burning more calories a day. 

When to Whey?
The best time is in the morning and before or after training.
I combine my Whey protein with Fat free bulgarian yoghurt and some berries or strawberries to create a smoothie. It's great as a meal for breakfast or an afternoon snack and it's very tasty too!
I also drink a scoop of Whey protein shake with skim milk after an intense cycling or workout session.
 I think it's the best time for my body to absorb the Whey and then repair all the cells in my body.

What Whey to buy?
The best Whey in my opinion is Whey Isolate which means it is the purer and more concentrated form then Whey Concentrate. It is 90% or more pure protein and very little, if any is fat.

If you're a chocoholic like most choose a chocolate flavoured Whey Protein shake, its like a chocolate treat every time! Add a dash of pure Cocoa powder to intensify the chocolate flavour ;-)

You can also see my Chocolate Whey Protein pancakes recipe in one of my earlier posts.

Eat smart and stay lean and strong with Whey Protein.


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  1. OK... I have to try it... I just hate the shake taste though! :(
    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde


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