Monday, December 7, 2015

Time to earn your christmas lunch!

Christmas lunch is around the corner....

I found a post I had written in 2011 and I think its fitting to remind not only you but MYSELF of it. So here it is.... Lets EARN our christmas calories!

Yup that's right....just like you work for your money you should also work for those yummy Christmas lunch calories. Cheat meals don't come cheap! LOL

We all know when it comes down to it and that Christmas pudding is staring you in the'll eventually give in! If you don't... WELL DONE!!!!!
If you know you will give in then the back up plan is to earn those calories BEFORE HAND!

Hit the gym twice a day, add in that extra workout daily from now until Christmas lunch, don't allow yourself any cheat meals until Christmas Lunch or what ever other occasion it may be.

The benefits:

  • You wont feel as guilty when you do go for that fattening meal and pudding. You earned it, you planned on eating it and you know you've burned those extra calories in advance!
  • You wont gain weight because you've "EARNED" those extra calories by working out extra hard a couple of days before the event.
  • You start to understand how easy it is to gain weight by pigging out and giving into your cravings, you also learn how much work you need to put in to keeping a lean and trim figure, so you'll think twice before other pigging out sessions.

Now go earn that Christmas Pudding! Add on at least an extra 500-700 calories burning workout to your usual daily workout routing! So an extra hour of cardio should do the trick! See ya at the gym. :-)

Happy guilt free Holidays!


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