Thursday, December 3, 2015

Pregnancy Fashion...the cheat guide!

When I fell pregnant I was convinced I would have to buy a whole new wardrobe of maternity ware! To my surprise I did not buy a single item!!! Now before you go hating on me, let me tell you what I did. :)

I was lucky enough to be pregnant at my heaviest during winter. Another bonus was that I had an internal little heater and therefore never felt cold. So if you're lucky to be pregnant in winter like I was then here's some tips on how to dress comfortably and look and feel good too! If you're not pregnant yet and are planning on it then maybe you can have a chat with the man upstairs to let your last few pregnancy months fall on the winter months. :)

My number one item was black tights!! I had black cotton tights for day wear and I had black leather tights for special occasions and nights out. They are not only super comfy but are also very flattering by elongating your legs and making those preggie hips look more narrow then what they really are.

Secondly I went and bought a few looser fitted jerseys and tops that were a bit longer and just covered my hips. I bought jerseys that were neutral colours such as a light grey, a camel colour and black.
I also wore my corduroy skirts as well as stretch wooden skirts that I could wear below my belly on my hips! 
This allowed me to mix and match my outfits for day and evening wear by simply dressing them up with a bold neck piece and high heels/boots.

(Please note these pics are not great as they were not professionally taken but I hope they can give you an idea of what you can wear during your pregnancy).

My BFF Bailey Schneider (aka Vanilla Blonde) and I. (In this pic I was wearing a black cotton top with leather sleeves from country road, a corduroy skirt from Urban,black stockings and black leather boots).

(On this pic I was wearing a cream over sized jersey from Country road, black cotton tights, leather boots from Nine West and necklace from Witchery).
With my husband at the Azzaro launch.
(In this pic I was wearing my black leather tights from Zara, a black stretch jersey top from YDE, black leather jacket which I bought online but can't remember which shop, gold clutch from Nine West, chunky gold necklace that I've had for years).
With my friend Jennifer Su at the Azzaro launch.
Accessories: Chunky gold neck piece, gold clutch bag, Nine west and of course (Christian Louboutin shoes <3). 
Here you can see my baby bump :) I was around 7 months pregnant.
(Here I was close to 9months pregnant,I'm wearing my corduroy skirt again, black flair jersey from country road, black leather jacket that I bought online and a long gold embellished necklace).
Day wear( dark brown tights from Zara,long sleeve black stretch top from Woolworths, dark grey sleeveless jersey with faux fur trim which was a gift and my black leather boots that I bought in Warsaw, Poland).

This pic was taken 1week before I had my son at ANN7 studios where I was a guest on the TV show "I am South African".(Here I wore my black tights again with the same long sleeve cotton black top I wore previously, I just dressed it up with a bright red jacket from Mango and silver necklace to take the attention off my big tummy and black stilettos form Aldo. The necklace was a gift ).

So as you can see the trick is to wear black/dark colours to hide your hips and tummy and wear a coloured jacket or jersey with a bold piece of jewellery to deter form the mid section of your body . I also think it is really beautiful when pregnant women display the tummy in tight colorful tops! I did that often, it definitely is something to be proud of! But for those cheat days, these are my tips.
1.  Wear black pants/tights, they make you appear longer and thinner.
2.  Wear a bright jacket to distract from your mid section and hips.
3.Wear loose fitted tops and jerseys over the black tights to make your legs and hips appear thinner and longer. Big jerseys and loose fitted tops are in winter fashion now so its a bonus!
4. Wear bold accessories such as a neck piece to distract the attention away from your tummy.
5.  If you can wear high heels when you're going out they will always make you appear taller and thinner.
6. Don't forget that great hair and make up will always make you look and feel gorgeous!The bonus of being pregnant is that you don't have ANY hair loss resulting in amazing shiny and thick flaunt it while you have it. :)
7. And last but not least embrace that gorgeous pregnancy glow, be kind to your amazing body as it prepares to bring a little human into the's such an honor to be able to be pregnant and once you've had your baby you will have a new found love and respect for your body.❤️

I hope this post has at least inspired some fashion ideas for pregnant as well as aspiring pregnant ladies.

Lots of love




  1. One of the most fashionable pregnant women I know! You looked AMAZING! GREAT tips

  2. You look gorgeous in every pic! Love that you didn't compromise on your style but still looked comfy in every look.

    XoXo One Stiletto At A Time


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