Monday, February 20, 2012

Staying Motivated..The Simple Plan.


It's been a whirlwind of a start to this new year and I cannot believe we're in February already!
I have been thrown into work with no holiday whatsoever and then since the end of January up until now I have been attending all my fellow Aquarian friends Birthday parties! That means cakes and desserts ALL THE TIME! Yay??! Not so much for my toosh, no! I am all for having my sweet treats as my cheat meals but this was getting ridiculous my body was almost on a permanent sugar rush!
My advice is stay away from SUGAR and from having Aquarian friends.. (just kidding about the friends part ;p)

So in an attempt to keep myself and you motivated to stick to your clean meal plan and training routine its time to get going, just do it. There's nothing like having a slim toned body, you don't have to worry if your clothes look good on you, if the love handles are popping out the sides,or if your skinny jeans make your bum look big! But this doesn't come all good things in life don't,we all have to work a little bit at it.

The Plan is simple!
Eat clean, organic unprocessed fat free meals..don't forget about portion control (if you can manage 6 small meals a day that's brilliant).
Do at least 3-4 hours of interval training cardio a week and 2-3 hours of strength training or toning exercises to keep those muscles tight and toned. Some of you are thinking that is SO MUCH, well think again its not much to ask of you to exercise for 7-8hours in a week if there are 168 hours in total per week! That's less then 10% of the total weekly hours.....we CAN do it and we owe it to ourselves to do it.

In other exciting news I am going to be helping, dieting and training with my BFF Bailey Schneider as she has taken up a 12 week challenge to transform her body! I am so happy and proud of her because I KNOW what results she WILL get and I'm so happy and proud to be there to help, motivate and assist. See Bailey's Blog Vanilla Blonde
I'll be posting follow ups of my training with my BFF Bailey, B and K moment training session and some of my favourite fat blasting and toning exercises as well as some guilt free snacks.
I leave you with some motivational pics for now.


Jamie (Fitness model)

Alessandra Ambrosio

Jennifer Nicole Lee

Joanna Krupa

The Victiria Secrets models

Yup no more sugar for me! 
PS Thank God February is basically over!

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  1. I couldn't be more blessed to have your advice, inspiration and daily motivation!! Thank you!
    Here's to an amazing, transforming journey!
    Love you


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