Tuesday, February 21, 2012

App Help

Ever wished you had a trainer in your pocket? Or a calorie counter that could just add up your daily calorie intake?? It would make life a lot easier....and it does!

Here's some of my favourite Apps that I use as tools to assist me with my training and diet.

For an all round Tracker for calories and exercise I am loving LIVESTRONG.COM
This App is so awesome! It's great for Blackberry and iPhone/iPad.
You create your personalised account by adding in your age,gender, height and weight.
Every day you can add in or choose from a list of what you've had for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and water intake. It's best to do it as you the day progresses so you can keep track of  what you eat, like a diary. You'll see as you select what you've eaten, the App automatically shows you the caloric value of that particular food...so in a day or 2 I guarantee it will put things into perspective and show you where you are under eating or over eating. For example a cappuccino has 63 calories!!! So now I opt for a filter coffee with hot milk which is less then half that caloric value and I can still enjoy my cuppa with the girls.
Then when you exercise and add that info onto the App it will subtract those calories burned from your total caloric intake so you can manage your total calories for the day. You can see if you've burned more calories then you've consumed ie: if you're losing weight. ( Please this is for your health and to benefit you not to assist in any unhealthy weight loss goals....you NEED to eat, this just helps you to eat healthy and understand caloric values)

For the active people out there try ENDOMONDO,  I love using this app to record my cycling time and distance. It also records running and any other sports you might do. They also have challenges and prizes for the more competitive people.

There you go, hope you enjoy tracking your eating and training habits.

Till next time

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