Monday, December 12, 2011

Your Holiday Workout!

Apologies for not blogging in a week but I was away in Sunny Cape Town and decided to have a complete break which included one from E-mails, cellphones, social networks and blogging too..sorry!

But I'm back and I have some tips on what exercises and training to do while you're away on holiday!
Here are some of my tips on how to stay in shape whilst away :-)

Enjoy the Fresh Air

If you are going down to the coast to enjoy some ocean views and Sunshine kisses then it would be a crime to not enjoy the benefits of a beach holiday!
To keep your metabolism active and to start your day in a fat burning zone have a cup of coffee, no breakfast and go for a early morning beach walk or jog. Take your man, friend, children, baby in pram or ALL of them if that's the case LOL, and go to the beach!
 The Ocean is at it's calmest, the air is crisp and fresh, the beaches are not crowded and the Sunshine is filled with Vitamin D! AND it's not as hot and dangerous as it is mid-day.

Your goal is to walk briskly or jog for at least 50 minutes. You should be able to walk between 5-8 kilometers. It really isn't that much and walking/jogging on the beach is so beautiful you'll do 5km's before you know it! Get the heart rate up, get into your fat burning zone, breath in the fresh Air and enjoy healthy quality time with a loved one.

I walked every morning and did at least 7.5km's every morning. it was glorious! I envy all Capetonians! If you live in CT you are SO LUCKY to live in that beautiful city! ;-)

That's your cardio done!
Hit The Sand 
Do 30 lunges on each leg.
(a the exercise correctly to avoid any injury by not allowing your knee to go over your foot )

Then hit the sand and do 3 sets of 15 push ups and end off with 3 sets of plank to work all the core muscles! Hold the plank position for at least 30 seconds at  a time...DON'T CHEAT! ;-)) 
(make sure you dont dip your lower back, belly button pulled in tight and make sure your whole body is straight like a table top)

Now you're done for the day. 
Walk back to your hotel/holiday home and prepare a fruity summer Smoothie!
You know I like all things berry so mine was all the berries I could find, added into a blender with Bulgarian fat free yoghurt. You can also try Banana, cinnamon, tiger oats and a teaspoon of peanut butter for a more textured sweet smoothie ;-)

I've tried some awesome Holiday pack supplements. I'll post that this week too.

Now no excuses for not training while you're on Holiday ;-)


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