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 Karolina Sky

Psychology graduate, business woman, Life coach, Mother to a very busy toddler, wife, model, actress, brand ambassador…there are few things Karolina Sky has set to her mind to in the past 10 years that she hasn’t achieved, but with her drop-dead gorgeous good looks and a burning ambition to do even more, not even the sky’s the limit for this determined young go-getter. 

Shaking up the modeling world

Born in Poland and raised in South Africa, the stunning Karolina shot to fame in 2002 when she was placed fifth in The official Miss South Africa Pageant and won the coveted title of Miss Veet Legs South Africa. The latter saw her representing the brand in various capacities, including starring exclusively in a year-long Veet media campaign.
She went on to become the face of Revlon's Divine Perfume in an international advertising campaign, SA's official Lara Croft Model, The face of USA's Sharks energy drink,The legs of Egdars Kelso stockings, The Face of Skyla Jewelry and participating all the while in a number of runway fashion shows. 
She has also been the "Beauty" in all the "beauty & the beast" BIC Soleil Razor commercials alongside SA Rugby Player Tendai " The Beast" Mtawarira.

Breaking into broadcasting

In between all of this, Karolina completed her BA in communications with distinctions in communications, journalism and psychology, adding these skills to her previously completed training in TV presenting, undertaken with Nadia Bilchik, and acting and TV presenting, undertaken with Brumhilda van Rensburg.

During the same period she began flexing her acting muscle, with appearances in a number of music videos including ‘Tornado’ by Mandoza, ‘Runaway’ by Mark Beiling, ‘Pretty Thing’ by Evolver and ‘Magdalena’ by Adam Davis to mention a few. Most recently, this also included the video for ‘Living Next Door to Alice’ by Nicholis Louw and Heinz Winkler.

All this combined with her long-term aspiration to move into TV and film, perfectly positioned Karolina to take up numerous on-screen roles over the years. These included a Sex In The City promotion on Go TV, presenting TV inserts and more recently, starring in Andre Scholtz’s feature film, Rainbow Skellums, which marked her official acting debut.

Karolina the entrepreneur

This varied entertainment industry experience, including valuable time spent honing her interviewing and public speaking skills, provided Karolina with a solid base to work from when establishing her own company, Runway Projects, which specializes in Fashion and cosmetics marketing, events and promotions management. Boasting an impressive clients list for which she’s successfully handles projects.
In addition, her strong modeling background and love for gym along side her Certificates in Excercise Science and Group Fitness Training engendered  her passion for  health, fitness and well being. It’s in this area that Karolina is making her next business foray – as an ambassador, role model and spokesperson for renowned brands and products in this sector.

She’s ideally placed to take up any of these positions given her sterling reputation in the industry, 150% dedicated work ethic, inherent knowledge of these specific areas and inspiring, motivating outlook on life as well as her studied knowledge in the field of Psychology.

A big heart

Although Karolina comes from a world of glitz and glam, and her brands will be based on merging the concepts of feeling and looking good, her down to earth nature ensures she does her bit for her community.

To this end, and as a huge animal lover, Karolina is a staunch supporter of the NSPCA and FreeMe wildlife rehabilitation centre. She has also put her weight behind the new anti-abuse campaign, Abuse is Abuse, which combines the efforts of Sappi, Childline and the NSPCA to raise awareness of the fact that all forms of abuse are interlinked.

With her sparkling personality, positive attitude, and relentless determination to achieve her goals, Karolina Sky is aiming high. And if her past success is anything to go by, nothing’s going to stop her.

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  1. Hi Karolina,
    I just have to say and I mean this in a nice way. You irritate me. Sorry just had to get that out the way. I have been fat all my life. Since birth. So my question to you is how do you change your lifestyle when it has been instilled in you since birth. My father put me on my first diet when I was 6 and since then I have hated diets. Yes I know I have to change my eating habits. I understand that. But where to start. I even have a stationery bike at home and then I get bored. I don't want to ride a bike on the roads. Not brave enough for that yet. Oops this is too long.
    Anyway maybe I should just use you as my inspiration.
    I think that is what I am going to do and it will be from today. Wish me luck.
    Jayne Ann

  2. Hi Jayne Ann!

    Firstly Thank you for reading my blog ;-) The reason I started it was to inspire and motivate people, so I do hope I succeed in doing that for you.
    I hear what you are saying, one thing about my blog is that I am going to be completely honest.... coming from a modeling background I know there are some girls that lead others to believe they simply "wake up looking perfect", that they “eat what they want” and “never go to gym”.
    Well I’m not sure that’s entirely true ;-) I go to gym or am active every day, I watch what I eat and I too have days where I just feel like it’s not working…we’re human after all.
    I’d like to help motivate you and it is possible to change your lifestyle and diet even if it’s a drastic change for you. Its' often the people that do a 180 Degree turn that have the most amazing life changing results, become hooked on a healthy lifestyle and look incredible!!
    So there is hope...and lots of it!

    But you do need to make that conscious decision FOR YOURSELF that you really going to do it.... then take it a day at a time. Before you know it you'll be feeling happier, more energetic and shedding those kilo's!

    PS. I also get bored on my stationery bike...that’s why I have put it in front of my TV so when one of my favorite TV shows comes on I watch the whole episode whilst cycling!
    Keep on reading my blog and I'll do my best to keep you motivated as well as give great training and diet tips.

    Much Love


  3. this is going to surprise I'm 50 but I don't look,act my age. I keep myself fit by walking by the way. I enjoy terrain walking as I call it,like walking up hills and steep sidewalks i.e. downtown Park City Utah is an example.


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